Hej! Welcome to my private page. I write about pretty much anything that comes to my mind; sometimes about coding, nature, and the environment.

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About me - Personally

I’m a German πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ father, husband and πŸ’» computer scientist who lives in Denmark. I keep my spirits up by πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ running.

I love nature, and going for hikes. I’m interested in all living things and their inner workings - hence bioinformatics.

I’m interested in sustainability, and solutions to tackle the climate crisis. I’m writing software for personal management of the own co2 footprint.

About me - Professionally

I like to use software and machine learning to discover structure in unstructured data. I have a πŸŽ“ PhD in computer science - “unsupervised learning of biomedical data”.

Software alternatives I'm missing

Some tools I’m using only, due to a lack of better alternatives. Suggestions are welcome. This is a list of stuff I’d like to replace by better stuff.

Suggestions are welcome.

This post is partly related to my other post about Projects I'd love to have more traction.



  • reading / sending /searching mails
  • optionally calendar


  • horribly slow
  • feels clumsy
  • development stale, mostly bugfix releases

Plex Media Server


  • streaming media (mostly video and audio) via LAN, but also remotely


  • freemium
  • closed-source

Projects I'd love to have more traction

There are a couple of projects I would love to have a more rapid development cycle, more man-power, or a bigger audience. In most cases because I am looking for an alternative to another tool, or I have a use case I don’t have any satisfying tool yet.

Our Electricity Plan

Recently we changed to an electricity plan at our energy provider that is 100% wind power (Energi Fyn - NaturEl ). The cost difference from our previous plan was comparably small (41 vs 37 ΓΈre/kWh), while this significantly reduces emissions.

While I disagree with calling the wind power plan emission free as Energi Fyn does (since production and maintenance for wind turbines should be incorporated into this value), average co2 emission levels of offshore wind power is denoted as 12g/kWh on Wikipedia - so are still pretty low.

Thus, assuming that Energi Fyn mostly uses offshore wind parks with a technological level causing median levels of emission, this still corresponds to a highly significant decrease in caused co2 emissions per kWh from 383g (our previous plan) to just 12g.